The Foundations of Modern Personal Training


Hear what Mark Capelin from Tribe Social Fitness had to say!


Do you train your male and female clients the same way?

  • Meet Nardia Norman. She is simply one of Australia's best educators in the fitness industry
  • Understand the menstrual cycle and how best to take advantage of it during your program design
  • Learn and understand the red flags when training female clients
  • Learn the most compassionate way to train your female clients

What type of cardio is the most efficient for your clients?

  • Dr Tony Boutagy PhD. A true pioneer in the education space for personal trainers
  • Discover how much of your client's results you are giving away by not designing STRUCTURED aerobic training programs
  • Learn the most effective way to train your clients based on their goals
  • Fnd out how to structure you resistance and aerobic training as to not allow one to 'contaminate' or compromise the results of the other!
  • What is better, HIIT or steady state?
  • How much cardio should your general population client be doing per week
  • How to design and PROGRESS cardio programs

What are the topics in our foundations course?

  • Mastering the sole trader
  • Customer Service 
  • Fundamentals of program design
  • Fundamentals of resistance training
  • Strength training for General Population
  • Program design for aerboic and anaerobic training
  • Pre/Post natal training
  • Training the female client effectively and compassionately
  • Working with allied health professionals in nutrition
  • Working with allied health professionals in rehabilitation

Foundations Course dates: 

- Wednesday 3rd March (8:30am-6pm)

- Saturday 8th March (8am-6pm)

- Sunday 9th March (9am-3pm)

- Early Bird Rate of $999 expires 15th of February

- Two payments of $550 (1st payment 17th Feb & 2nd payment 2nd March)

- 9 x weekly payments of $145 - $1300

- Earn 15 CEC's

Location: Westfield Suites, Level 6 Bondi Junction Westfield

Why Level Up Continuing Education?

Fitness Australia Accreditation

We are the only CEC accredited course in Australia with 10 presenters

Build a network of Allied Health/Medical Professionals

Lots of practical work

It's not just theory. We all know trainers want to get their hands on the steel and sweat! Be ready to train your minds and muscles!

We want to see you reach your dreams

All our presenters started where you are. In the gym, outdoor training and built their reputations over years. And now we get to hit the stage to help you achieve your goals.

About Us

Level Up Continuing Education brings to trainers an education program like no other. Our aim is it to give personal trainers/strength coaches the knowledge they need to succeed in the fitness industry. We have TEN of the very best from our industry who are highly qualified to help you create a long term career as a trainer/coach. Our content includes subjects such as business development, customer service, strength training, training female clients effectively, pre/post natal and many more. The course is conducted over 8 weeks. There are 10 three hour presentations. Online exams to complete with a 80% pass mark required, busines plan and ongoing sales training homework. The course comes with 15 CEC's.

Meet and listen to some of Level Ups previous students.

Meet Martin Henry. Trainer and fitness studio owner.

Meet Kylie a trainer with 5 years experience

Pre/Post Natal training with Jen Dugard

Listen to Mark Caplin. Owner Tribe Social Fitness

Hear what long term PT Jon said about Nardia Norman

More trainers talking about the courses impact on them